Month: November 2017

The Red Barn

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The Red Barn
Ursula Wong

As a woman in a weathered raincoat and loose jeans walked past the curve in the road, a magnificent barn came into view. Its structure was grand and imposing against the turquoise sky. It was red, as most barns are. The roof was black with asphalt shingles. A wooden door rimmed in white led to a loft under the triangle forming the roof.

The woman sloughed along, observing the barn’s detail as she came closer. Some planks showed weathered paint and others were missing paint altogether. Weeds grew around the foundation. Rusted shovels leaned against a wall. The barn doors were open, the inside black like a toothless mouth mocking her.

The woman pushed her hands deeper into her pockets wondering who owned the barn and where they lived. She wondered if it was a family like her own. She wondered if this unknown family had a son whose heart had failed giving him a place in heaven, or if they knew the joy of having a healthy child.

Tears fell to her cheeks as she picked up a rock and threw it at the black mouth. Damn it all!

A golden hair collie ran out of the barn, barking. She froze, as running was pointless. There was nowhere to go; no place to hide; no safe haven to seek. She clutched the collar of her slicker hoping the dog wouldn’t bite.

The animal jumped on her, his front paws on her shoulders and his face inches from hers. She closed her eyes as she tried to push it away, preparing for the worst. The collie leaned in and licked her face.

The woman smiled as she rubbed his neck, enjoying feeling a happy life in her arms once more. “You’re a friendly one, aren’t you?”

The dog bounded back into the barn and the woman continued her walk, the shadow of a smile on her face.