Behind the Amber War Series

Years ago when I was going through my uncle’s papers after he died, I found manuscripts, papers, and letters about Lithuanian resistance fighters opposing the Soviet occupation of 1944. This started a journey of research where I challenged myself to validate this information using English language references. It took years to explore  the occupation experience and create the Amber War series.


Amber Wolf, first story in the series, tells of the beginning of the Soviet occupation by Stalin’s Red army, and the Lithuanians who fought with stolen weapons to rid their country of the Communist invaders. View preview pages on Amazon. The characters in Amber Wolf are fictional, but the circumstances very real. In this book, as in all the books, I include a reading list for  insights into the material.


Amber War, second book in the series, tells the little-known story of post-World War II Lithuania and the continuing fight against the Soviet occupation while the rest of the world is at peace. View preview pages on Amazon.

Amber Wolf and Amber War discuss the history and politics of the time. The Kudirka family is fictional, however the raids, deportations, assassinations, camps in the woods, living conditions, availability of food, and more, are all based on careful research to make the reading experience as true to life as possible.

Amber Widow Web Header

The story in Amber Widow, the third book, is fictional. However, the theft of nuclear material from the Ignalina Power Plant in eastern Lithuania was real. I imagined a partisan with access to nuclear waste and imminent Russian aggression to come up with a tale that to many, is uncomfortably plausible. The first chapters of this exciting story are available here.