Upcoming Appearances

On May 5, I’ll be at Author’s Day at Thayer Library, 717 Main St., Lancaster, MA.

On May 23, I’ll be giving a talk on WWII Lithuania at the Lawrence Library, Lawrence, MA.

On November 23-25, I’ll be at Copley Square in Boston, MA signing books at the Boston Baltic Centennial Celebration.

150603_0026On April 7, I’ll be presenting a talk on Publishing Options with my friend Dale T. Phillips at the Derry Author Fest, Derry Library, 64 E. Broadway, Derry, NH. Our talk begins at 3 pm, but the event starts at 10 AM.  It’s free and open to the public.

On March 25, I’ll be at Maironis Park, 52 S. Quinsigamond Ave., Shrewsbury, MA, signing books at a craft fair. Festivities begin at noon. The event is free and open to the public.

On February 24, I’ll be at the South Boston Lithuanian Club, Boston MA signing books at a celebration for Lithuanian Independence.

On February 25, I’ll be at the Corpus Christ Church in Lawrence MA signing books at a dinner and dance celebrating Lithuanian Independence.

On September 16 and 17, I’ll be at Creaticity: Lowell’s Art & Maker’s Festival.

On September 30, I’ll be joining a panel of historians at the Thayer Library in Lancaster MA to discuss historical writing.

On November 4, I’ll be at the Lowell High School for the Lowell Book Festival.

On November 18, I’ll be offering a free seminar at the Thayer Library in Lancaster MA on “The Secrets of Self-Publishing.” For a summary of topics, visit https://ursulawong.wordpress.com/guide-to-writing-a-novel


Synopsis: Whether you are writing a novel or have already finished one, spend a few hours with us reviewing the spectrum of publishing solutions available for your book. We’ll discuss the pros and pitfalls of traditional publishing, small press, partnering with collectives, vanity press, and “do it yourself” options. Manuscript readiness, editing, contracts, revenue, and what writers can expect from each solution will be included in the comparisons. Finally, we’ll touch on goals and how to decide the best solution for your book.



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