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2018 has begun with a wave of signing and speaking events.

  • 7 April, Author Fest at the Derry Public Library, Derry NH. See the write-up in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune.
  • 4 April, TV interview with Jan Lewis on Be My Guest.
  • 25 March, Lithuanian Fair sponsored by the Girl and Boy Scouts of Worcester, Maironis Park, Shrewsbury.
  • On February 25, Corpus Christ Church in Lawrence MA signing books at a dinner and dance celebrating Lithuanian Independence.
  • 24 February, Lithuanian Centennial gala at the South Boston Lithuanian Club.
  • 18 February, Interview with the Worcester Telegram on Amber War. Additional newspaper write-ups are here:  on business collectives, on book clubs with other authors.
  • 18 February, celebration of the Lithuanian Centennial at the Rodger’s Library in Hudson, NH.
  • 28 January, the WWII thriller about Lithuanian partisans resisting the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, Amber War, is released from Genretarium Publishing.

2017 has been chuck full of events.  ALLbooks

  • On November 18, I’ll be offering a free seminar at the Thayer Library in Lancaster MA on “The Secrets of Self-Publishing.”
  • On September 16 and 17, I’ll be at Creaticity: Lowell’s Art & Maker’s Festival.
  • “Writing History” panel for Sterling-Lancaster Community TV and sponsored by the Seven Bridge Writers Collaborative. Click to watch.
  • An interview with Seven Bridge Writers’ Collective in preparation for a panel discussion “Writing History” (9/30, Thayer library in Lancaster) is here.
  • The essay “Fate, Facts, and War Stories,” was published in Mystery Reader’s Journal.
  • In August, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kevin and Rona on the show “Dragons, Unicorns, and other Creative Creatures,” to discuss Purple Trees and Amber Wolf. The show will be broadcast soon on HCTV in Hudson, NH.
  • In August, I talked with Jan Lewis on her fabulous interview show “Be My Guest,” to be broadcast on Upton TV.
  • In July, I was on two live radio shows: The morning show on Lowell radio WCAP 980 AM and with Ela Ramsey on Manchester radio WTPL 107.7 FM
  • In June, I had the pleasure of joining other writers from the Storyside Consortium on a visit to Lancaster, MA, where we participated on a panel discussing the pros and cons of writers’ organizations. The recording was broadcast on Sterling – Lancaster Community TV. Click to watch.

In March, 2017, I discussed “Women in War” and Amber Wolf at the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, MA.

In2015-06-03 006_cropped February, 2017, I was Dean Contover’s guess on the popular show “The Current Buzz” from Chelmsford Telemedia. We discussed Soviet era politics, Vladimir Putin, the stability of the Baltic countries, and of course, Amber Wolf.   Click to watch!

In October, 2016 I was delighted to be the guest on Veronica Andrew’s popular TV show “Off the Shelf,” where we discussed Amber Wolf and much more.  Click to watch!

On 14 July, 2016, I did an encore interview on Jan Lewis’ TV show, Be My Guest.  Click to watch!

I was recently interviewed by Alana Melanson of the Lowell Sun.  Read on for a partial rendition. Click to see the full article

Novelist: ‘Most people have stories in them’   By Alana Melanson,    Updated:   06/05/2016 07:33:12 AM EDT

CHELMSFORD — After a long career as a computer engineer, Ursula Wong knew there was something else she had to do: write.

“I think most people have some stories in them,” the Chelmsford author said, “and there were a couple I really wanted to get into. [ . . .]

Wong said she felt compelled to write about strong women who struggle against impossible odds to achieve their dreams. While her characters are fictional, many are inspired by real people she has known or read about.

Wong, who is of Lithuanian ancestry, was inspired to write “Amber Wolf” after finding a manuscript among her uncle’s possessions after his death. It was an early draft of “Tarp Dvieju Gyvenimu” by Vytautas Alantas, which her uncle, Frank Alexis, was translating into English. Loosely translated to “Between Two Lives,” the story portrayed Lithuania at a crossroads in summer 1944.  [ . . . ]

Follow Alana Melanson at or on Twitter and Tout @alanamelanson.

Past Appearances (TV, Magazines, Newspapers):

7-week course over viewing the end-to-end process of writing, publishing, and marketing a book in “From Idea to Printed Page.” The course begins in January, 2017 and is sponsored by the Seven Bridges Writer’s Collaborative in Lancaster, Ma.

Amber Wolf signing at the Hudson Library in Hudson, NH. The event is free and open to the public. Come hungry, there will be Lithuanian treats to enjoy.

“Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Creative Things.” with Dr. Kevin and Rona Gofstein on HCTV. Click to watch.
“Be My Guest” with Jan Lewis to talk about Insanity Tales III. Click to watch.
StorySide Panel – Sterling – Lancaster Community TV. Click to watch.
“Be My Guest” with Jan Lewis to talk about Amber Wolf. Click to watch.
“Be My Guest” with Jan Lewis to talk about Purple Trees. Click to watch.
Talk at Tadnuck Booksellers. Click to watch.
“Fate, Facts, and War Stories,” published in Mystery Reader’s Journal
“Author Collectives and Co-ops: What They Are and How to Start One,” published by Jane Friedman.
“Whips on Fire,” published in Spinetingler Magazine.
“A Rustle in the Leaves,” published in Every Day Fiction.