Amber front cover_KindleAmber Wolf  (historical fiction) is available NOW on Amazon in paper and kindle AND we’re celebrating the second printing with a fresh, new look!  View the trailer.

Ludmelia Kudirka is running for her life. When the brutal Russian soldiers invade 1940’s Lithuania, they ravage the countryside and the people. Young Ludmelia Kudirka, after her mother has been murdered, flees to the safety of the forest. Vowing vengeance, she joins the partisans fighting for freedom in a David-and-Goliath struggle against the mighty Soviet war machine.

A Russian officer ordered to crush the partisans becomes enraged by Ludmelia’s escape, and the guerrilla warfare that is harassing his forces. Marshaling his killer instincts, he pursues Ludmelia and her fellow warriors into the dark forest, where he encounters something he never expected.

“Wong provides a window into the minds and emotions of each character as readers learn of their tragically intertwined lives.”

Alana Melanson, The Lowell Sun (click for her full interview with Ursula.)

“Amber Wolf is enjoyable as a narrative, edifying as history, and inspirational as a story of struggle, survival, and ethnic pride–the David of Lithuania is caught between the twin Goliaths of Russia and Germany. What can a young girl do? You’d be surprised.”

-Steven P. O’Connor, author of The Witch at Rivermouth and The Spy in the City of Books

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Purple Trees is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

Lonely Lily Phelps is orphaned and in debt at seventeen. Her dark, hidden past causes her to see ghosts. This scared, naive girl must grow up fast if she is to find work, happiness, and build a future, but the weight of the past threatens everything she loves. Because of her terrible secret, Lily must protect her family form the worst danger of all – herself.   Ursula reading from Purple Trees

Purple Trees is the second-place winner in the 2015 E-Festival of Words Best Fiction, Women’s Literature.

What critics are saying:

  • “Sad, poignant, disturbing and amusing.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”
  • “A first novel that does all the right things!”

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Mayu is a lonely old woman existing at the fringes of her village, but when a baby falls from the heavens, her life changes forever. The Baby Who Fell From the Sky is an endearing new fable rich with shamanic ritual, Peruvian tradition, and a touch of magic.

Available on Amazon (kindle only).

What readers are saying:

“Stirring and thought-provoking from start to finish. A must read.” ~ Steph Wong

“I thoroughly enjoyed it.” ~ Stephanie Daniel

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