Historical Fiction – WWII to Today



[On Ursula’s novel Black Amber] “Sometimes historical fiction writers get lucky, and the research and hard work they’ve put into crafting realistic worlds and characters is met with the serendipity of real-world occurrences that make their works resonate in a timely fashion they couldn’t have planned if they tried.”  ~ Alana Melanson, reporter for the Lowell Sun.  Click to see the full article.


In this book inspired by Nord Stream, Russia and Germany clash with Europe over US sanctions, LNG shipments, and pipeline terrorism.

A dirty bomb and the threat of nuclear terrorism puts Russian against Ukraine in a hoax the could set off WW III.

After WW II, Lithuania strives to get a resistance fighter out through the Iron Curtain to compel the West to save them from the Soviet occupation.

Historical fiction about the Soviet occupation of Lithuania during WWII and the partisan resistance.